Long-term Property Investment: My Top 5 Pick

Long-term Property Investment: My Top 5 Pick

Long-term real estate investment in Lagos and Ogun can be very delicate, 2 basic things matter the most

  1. Title: title, I mean is the property owner recognized and approved by the government? It’s important because it gives you security and also makes it bankable.
  2. Who handles it (developers): I always advise to buy from real estate development because even if you have a good title, you’re not ready to develop and in the sight of the law, possession overshadows title ownership, basically means if someone builds on your property, the person can take ownership lol. Why not buy from developers who take possession for you and keep it secured so far it’s fenced.

Be that as it may, Lagos in its self is interesting, for the long term, it’s cheaper to buy in the “new” Lagos, we mean Ibeju-Lekki, Epe, etc because they have the prospect of new developments.

Here are the carefully selected estates that meet our criteria:

Eminence Estate

Eminence Court is strategically located in the Shapati community of Bogije off the Lekki Epe Expressway one of the emerging prime investment locations within the new economic center of Lagos state (Lekki Free Trade Zone).

It neighbors Beachwood estate, Coscharis motors, the Omu resort, Caleb British Intl School amongst notable landmarks

Location: Bogije

Price: N4,900,000 + Survey N450,000 + Documentation N150,000 + Developmental Fee N799,800 (N1,333 x 600sqm) = N6,299,800

Title: Govt Approved Excision

Why should you get it: Currently getting properties with a government titles land is scarce thereby making them more expensive and this has an approved verifiable title and in the middle of development. Secondly, it is close to the “old” Lagos and the “new” Lagos. Not 100% dry but would be sand-filled.

La Capagne Tropicana Resort Photo Credit: Guardian NG


A proposed beautiful habitation on the green plains of Imedu a town 5 minutes from the La Campagne Tropicana Resort.

Location: Imedu, Ibeju-Lekki

Price: N1,800,000 + Survey N500,000 + Documentation N50,000 + Developmental Fee N500,000 = N2,850,000

Title: Govt Approved Excision

Why should you get it: This estate is a blend of residential and Commercial plots pre-planned to suit your investment needs. Whether you are buying to build, wait or sell in the future. It’s a safe distance from the Dangote refinery while still benefitting economically from it, through access to more stable electricity and projected high occupancy rate due to the growing population there.


LIVEWELL ESTATE is located in the main heart of Ibeju Lekki in the same neighborhood with great economic driving projects. It was born out of the urgent need to provide a standard moderate housing in Nigeria with a combination of beauty, quality, comfort, and affordability.

Location: Ibeju-Lekki

Price: N2,800,000 + Survey N400,000 + Documentation N100,000 + Developmental Fee N500,000 = N3,850,000

Title: Govt Approved Excision

Why should you get it: This estate is solely a residential estate about 8 minutes’ drive to the Lekki Lagoon, a popular fishing site, this neighborhood also hosts the Federal Government School. It’s also 15 minutes drive from the La Capagne Tropicana, one of Lagos’s top choice holiday centers. Whether you are buying to build, wait or sell in the future. It’s also a safe distance from the Dangote refinery while still benefitting economically from it.

The Enclave, Epe

Introducing The Enclave, one of the best deals you can find in Epe right now, it’s 100% DRY.

Location: Epe

Price: N850,000 + Survey N350,000 + Documentation N50,000 + Developmental Fee Not Fixed Yet = N1,250,000

Title: C of O in View

Why should you get it: It’s projected development is in 5 years. Epe in recent years has experienced massive facelift thanks to Ambode, immediate past Gov of Lagos. This has helped boost economic activities while expecting the proposed Airport and 4th mainland bridge construction. Epe hosts a couple of top landmarks like Alaro City, Epe Resort, Pan Atlantic University(owners of Lagos Business School) amongst others.

Epe. Photo Credit: Naija Auto

Berry Court, Sagamu

Berry Court Sagamu Abeokuta Interchange, is strategically positioned within the business/industrial hub of Sagamu interchange, around the new industrial hub of Ogun state where massive projects, industries, and road constructions are currently ongoing.

Location: Sagamu Interchange, Behind Flower Gate Ogun State

Price: N800,000 + Survey N150,000 + Documentation N50,000 + Developmental Fee N500,000 = N1,500,000

Title: C of O

Why should you get it: Ogun state is the next big state after Lagos, one thing lagging is transport network, and that has been boasted in recent year with the pace of construction on the Lagos-Ibadan Exp road and the rain network. Sagamu has always been a top destination, attracting various Universities, industries including Nestle Nig, Flower gate, also top farms like Aminal Care.


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Graduate of Banking and Finance, from the University of Benin. RICS Trained Property Mediator. Currently Realtor/Relationship Officer at JAS Realty, I am a Tech-Enthusiast, passionate about making real estate transactions seamless with the aid of tech.