Interior Ecstacy

Interior Ecstacy

I’m totally blown away with perfect settings, fresh flowers, white walls, a burst of colour, heart piercing art collections, and a clear view of the surrounding exterior. A house becomes a home when you’ve made it yours: when it gives you warmth and peace. When you can run to it for solace and you’d rather stay home than take a walk, you’ve made it more than your house or apartment or room. Decor is totally important, yeah, I said it. Decorate… buy that piece. Money makes an expensive taste, but pretty isn’t always expensive.

I really never bother how big an apartment is, the arrangement and utilization of any given space makes the difference. It’s vital to have my favorite things in specific places, and more important that they remain in place. A living room should make me want to live: it should be welcoming to me and my guests, even if I hardly ever have guests in. I’m totally about a living room with clean walls and some mesmerizing pieces of art, mostly from unknown artists or what I can afford. I’d totally love to have the Mona Lisa, but for my future kids and nieces and nephews so that I could trick them into believing she’s watching them for me! Till I can afford that kind of art: thank you, next!

I want to come home, and fall on my couch, and watch the evening news on that LED TV.Creep into the kitchen to pull a fast dinner, cause the close of the day comes with fatigue and a need to soak in a bath tub dream dreams and plan plans. I’m drawn to simplicity, yet exquisite and beautiful setups sweep me off my feet. The living room is the first impression of a house, even if my bedroom is my most cherished place. Sometimes, I want chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and paintings on the walls. Other times, I just want clean white walls with a lot of windows!

I’ve always thought of being able to run into my kitchen by a simple jump over from my couch. As one unmarried, it makes it almost perfect and ideal. However, when I think of the days I want to cook a bubbling pot of fish stew and goat meat pepper soup alongside banga soup, whip up some poundo yam and watch a movie, I’m certain I don’t want to see that kitchen from my couch! Oh, that’s especially when Mr decides to watch the premier league, that I have no real interest in. I’m all for the World Cup.

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What do you want from a kitchen? I am a complete sucker for space, a crowded kitchen is a major turn off. I want everything in the right places:  spoons, forks, utensils, cups, and all the lot. I really don’t bother if the dining stays in the kitchen, but what if my bedroom could just be on top of my kitchen space? I could torment anyone lying in my bed with some good cooking. I’m top of that list!!! But my bedroom is sort of a solace, so I can pass if I have another option. I prefer it secluded.

There’s never anything wrong in having the best of both worlds. I want a tub to soak in, but many days I want to shower! I want the water to trail my skin like a mad downpour. I want my kinky hair to soak all the water in and let the excess feel the beauty of my black lush skin. Sometimes, I don’t want to think, I want to scream and dance under the water, having a bath and being the truest and realest version of myself.

I can never overemphasize my favorite place…the bedroom. The master bedroom, if I have more than one. My love for pillows, soft furry beddings, calming wall paint or papers and dim lights. I never really want to see anything apart from mirrors, and a closet door! I redress my bedroom as often as I change bedcovers. There’s always a new outlook, a new bedside view, but whatever I choose, my comfort and ability to enjoy a good sound sleep is top notch.

When you decide to get a new place what do you look out for? What do you put in place when you get an empty apartment? Do you want everything prim and proper or do you care for a little ruff and tumble? When you’ve stayed in a place for years, do you ever renovate, redecorate or replace your old stuff? Do you need ideas for a new place? Feel free to drop a comment below…I’d be happy to lend my ideas!

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