I think almost everyone desires a run away spot.  Somewhere we can run away to, alone by our thoughts. Sip on red wine, drown the days’ worries and exist for a moment in time. Just exist. A few times, we ache to share that space with someone. Two hearts beating as one, a story we only know too well. My idea of alone time is one filled with perfectly designed or neat spaces, I have never been one to stand haphazard setups. The ceiling, an expression of sunset…and an early summer dawn, all in one perfectly steal me away. It takes you to a dreamy place, where you can live out your fantasies and make plans.

I’m not a TV person, but who doesn’t love a big screen. One that takes you all in, experiencing visuals like never before and living the pictures like a daydream. I prefer to blast the room. If it were soundproof, that is. My playlist has a pile of Jon Bellion, James Arthur, Shawn Mendez, Jonny Drille, Jason Walker, John Legend, Sam Smith….with no inclinations to the artiste, just some lazy good music with more inclinations to love and emotions. O, but I have every single song Drille has dropped. I don’t know why, but love is a part of my core. Even if one lady I know thinks I am rather emotionless.

There are some interiors you should never be in if you have a broken heart. I warn cause they can break you further, drive you crazy and leave you depressed. Yet, they are perfect. For honeymooners. I’m not married so I’d rather stay with sunsets, sunrise and anything bubbling. Candles are perfect for such or just tuck away with the temperatures at 16°C. Perfect. They can take a taste from my playlist, save for Jason Walker. You don’t want to listen to Echo on your wedding night!!! Although I think most beautiful spaces can do.

I’m still torn between a full-length window in the master bedroom on the 90th floor or taking that view to the bathroom? The bathroom is my perfect getaway from a successful day, drinking a bottle of cold red wine from my father’s limited collection (okay, scrap that…I don’t drink. Yoghurt all the way!!!) or a fresh smoothie. Lights out, music on. So the only lights I get to see filter through the glasses I have as walls in the bathroom. That’s why it’s on the 90th floor. Spiderman doesn’t go all the way up, does he???

If I don’t do the glass walls or TV, I’m definitely sticking with an abstract painting on the wall in the bathroom. Paintings are art, they make you feel something. It’s different everytime. Sometimes, it’s your happiness that makes the art touch your heart. Times again, it’s the weather or your lonesome self. Whatever the case, it’s your call. Sometimes, I think of placing sound systems in the bathroom…that’s where karaoke comes alive. Sing along, mostly off tune, but still singing, right?

What if you could bring down my bedroom to the ground floor, maybe in a tent. Or a stilt house, with the bedroom opening to a water view. No mosquitoes, I promise. Just scented candles and water lilies, white ones. A swing chair somewhere for you to get lost in thought, and hopefully the birds would be gracious enough to lend us their voices.

What’s your idea of your personal space or your solace hideout? What would you rather have? There’s more to a house for me, interiors and decors make the most, most of the time. What do you want in a bedroom or a bathroom? Would you rather have the water trail your skin from above with your head against the wall or sit in a tub and soak out the dirt?

I want both!

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